Kitchen Sync is a soulful neighborhood restaurant offering farm-fresh, scratch-made fare served with extraordinary hospitality. Owned by the brother/sister team of Kevin Feeny and Karin Farrell and her husband John, Kitchen Sync is the culmination of a shared dream of owning and operating a restaurant that embodies their passion for food, friends and community. Baked into the DNA of Kitchen Sync is the trio’s aspiration of creating and nurturing a business climate and culture that intertwines the values of compassion, social responsibility, and ecological integrity. Learn more.

Having spent their entire careers in the restaurant and food industry, Kevin, Karin and John each bring richly diverse experiences and perspective to the table. They have put their collective energy into creating a place where friends and family want to gather for great food and drinks; a place their guests can call their own.

As Executive Chef, Karin oversees the product that is brought to the table. Her culinary influences come largely from the places she has lived, including her birthplace of Philadelphia, the southern exposure of her youth in Greenville, two decades of catering and restaurant work in San Diego, and extensive travel throughout California and Mexico. In California, she became steeped in knowledge about preparing delicious and healthy meals with fresh, local products. She brings that knowledge — and touch of California flair — to many of the dishes found on Kitchen Sync’s menu.

Karin Farrell

Interesting fact: John once spent 7 years as a traveling chef for a professional Indy car racing team. Formally trained at the Culinary Institute of America, he brings an exceptional depth of talent and knowledge to the kitchen. Working alongside his wife Karin, John has helped create a beautifully balanced menu of delicious and comforting dishes. He oversees production of the restaurant’s rooftop garden to ensure fresh produce is available on site year-round, and is the restaurant’s point person for all local purveyors of produce and proteins.

John Farrell

Restaurants are second nature to Kevin. He has been in the business ever since he was 14 years old, working his way through college waiting tables and moving up the management ranks at restaurants across the country. His experience spans the industry spectrum, from intimate fine dining to high volume, multi-unit fast casual operations, gourmet retail and catering. In his life’s journey he has gained a deep appreciation for working toward a greater good. His goal, and indeed the KS mission “to co-create a world worth inheriting one bite at a time,” is the driving force behind Kitchen Sync’s desire to help guide the people and communities it touches toward intergenerational stewardship and civic responsibility.

Kevin Feeny