Kitchen Sync is a soulful neighborhood restaurant offering farm-fresh, scratch-made fare served with extraordinary hospitality. Owned by the brother/sister team of Kevin Feeny and Karin Farrell and her husband John, Kitchen Sync is the culmination of a shared dream of owning and operating a restaurant that embodies their passion for food, friends and community. Baked into the DNA of Kitchen Sync is the trio’s aspiration of creating and nurturing a business climate and culture that intertwines the values of compassion, social responsibility, and ecological integrity. Learn more.

Having spent their entire careers in the restaurant and food industry, Kevin, Karin and John each bring richly diverse experiences and perspective to the table. They have put their collective energy into creating a place where friends and family want to gather for great food and drinks; a place their guests can call their own.

Karin Farrell

John Farrell

Kevin Feeny